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tv   [untitled]    December 25, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PST

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was growing up my 3 sisters were born and raised in the feigns and as soon as hit ground couldn't keep their own tongue not allowed to speak their language they lost it quickly my brother and i never got to learn our language that is when i see any parents any mom is almost 90 that's where i get any history that's it is beautiful but it meetings needs to be shared i want to really thank our teachers for helping us your prospective and openness and respect your ability to understand and to see and feel what so many of our students see and feel is incredibly valuable
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i think teaching ethnic studies is really special and we're looking forward to having you be the mentor of the other ethnic study teachers we're going to be bringing on board with hunch humbleness president fewer i'd like to add my name to the resolution and so proud to be supporting this at no time thank you, everyone for being here tonight. >> commissioner murase. >> i'd like to thank the speakers tonight the audience what folks it's been so wise i want to thank the quarters who came together around the issue by acknowledge president fewer and commissioner norton who in the past two years have set the stage for conversations around race and some of the meetings we
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don't here about but the leadership of president fewer and commissioner norton has laid the ground work this is an example of vision 2025 we're moving forward towards students curriculum we're moving forward to volley ball every student in the skills they need in the year 2025 in terms of any own story i'm the first jaiment to serve on this i should be number 25 reasonable person thirty not number one why is that a lot of the wartime incarceration has to do with that there was a self-encompassed censorship nobody discussed parents didn't
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tell their kids and the grandparents didn't share part of that is a lifting of the censorship over time i was proud to bring forgot the national veterans clinic that tells the story of the jaiment who served in the war and the draft resitters were shunned but now uncovering that history is that others can learn from it i think we're all seeing our country where race relations in is serious serious crisis and i'm very proud to be part of the community that finds the antidote to that crisis to be education to be ethnic studies to be about an inclusive diverse
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curriculum so we don't have to be in crisis we can address the long-term problem of race relations i want to be on record i've heard letters of support came to me thank you to those folks but concerns about basis an opportunity to make it exclusive to many groups i want to be on record we want diverse process i know that sometimes conflicts arises over defines was the jewish communities and it's about self-determination embrace minority in all different background so i'm happy to be supporting in resolution and thank you, president fewer for your leadership. >> (clapping.) so i'd like to interrupt i notice that superintendent is here i'd like to welcome him to
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the meeting and this discussion thank you commissioner haney. >> yes. i'll be quick i mean i'll say i'll be in or out or supporting this resolution he everyone that came out to support that this is exactly what we're trying to do with education striving towards seeing the self-expression and accident excitement ace the community building take place around ethnic studies that's what we want to get to and the fact we have it here we have a course in the district where it's happening no reason why question you shouldn't expand to many students we have the opportunity in front of of us i think about for me, i'm sure everyone has a story people if they had the opportunity to take
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ethnic studies maybe they wrote have a different live i do believe it saves lives people that spoke your thinking about how people f that doesn't have the opportunity to have this would change their lives i don't want to see people that look like me in history books it's not the truth and not accurate and wrongs and when i went to uc berkley i mirnd no ethnic studies i wish i had if in middle school and something that is made available inform everyone we should take what we've learned tonight and what you spoke to think about our curriculum important broadly we should have classes in chicano
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and african-american studies we should expand that we talk about it ethnic studies and go much, much further so i hope that is not the end of the conversation and maybe a continuation of a conversation people are lead and built and san francisco state university i think for us to be here in a country where in so many places talking about banning studies but we are talking expanding that's a beautiful statement of the community and for all the people that worked people on the streets they shut down the free in berkley all over the country because of the way the institutions in this country have marginalized people of color we're going to do the opposite take our institutions and make sure that people of color have an equal place so i
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want to thank every one and president fewer to all the ethnic studies teachers let's keep on moving thank you. >> (clapping). >> we love you matt hastening superintendent. >> great, thank you president fewer i usually don't comment on board resolutions i can't help myself i want to thank the teachers who villaraigosa been to imitately involved but proposals where proposals are due to c alison who helped to raise
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(clapping) who i know is mortgage inside i'm calling her out in a public meeting i remember 6 years ago we met and talked about ethnic studies and the passion so i want to thank you for helping us to get us here and i want to say i join with dr. murase this is a surreal moment i can tell you a story in the late 1980s in tucson, arizona of a chicano social studies teacher that went back to teach where we graduated from and where over 90 percent of the kids were mexican students when he was teaching the american history it was everyone's history but the kids sitting in front of him he had
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an idea along with colleagues a couple of people in the english department of address a couple of people if the math and social studies teachers what if we taught the kids the creators of zero were their bloodline and microscopic is not other songs like mexican music to sing to their grandparents and connect constantly what we we celebrate history and don't talk about history as being sill loss an african-american or mexican-american but mexican histories that truly looks like our kids fast forward over 25 years later some of the same teachers that the teacher will be in san francisco in january
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at the ethnic circuit court of appeals and here in san francisco bay i was the chicano social teacher he their appealing other fact that latin-american was stripped from tare take care you from in their city they're not afraid of looking who they are i'm so proud they're going to come and interact with our teachers and get to share the books bookings will be banned in arrests oars we are looking and taking on as a jejunum new. >> of the status quo. >> (clapping) and so it's as the surreal moment on many, many levels i want to say it this board of
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education in many, many respect san francisco leads the country and this is no different and any plea is that at some point in the near future we're not going to talk about it we're going to talk about american history and science and mathematics and everyone's culture will be i think fussed in the fabric the curriculum not talking about ethnic studies outside of american studies we're americans so i want to thank the board and all the staff and want to thank everyone that worked hard and very, very happy to turn the mike over to president fewer for the last words. >> thank you superintendent (clapping.) and thank you, colleagues and thank you to everyone that came out tonight if i'll indulge me
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we have 3 letters of support from supervisor campos. >> dear board of education thank you for your leadership in expanding all of the ethnic as someone that tenant this classrooms many people make up our school system and as a young student the inclusion of the ethnic studies sends a message to the san franciscans that we're all equal and this is an arithmetic he success into the high schools it is an honor to offer my support there curriculum expansion and respectfully ask the braid to pass that and thank you to the young adults and best e by the
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evidence wishes supervisor campos this is from supervisor yee i'm writing to express any withholding support for the ethnic studies for all high schools in the san francisco unified school district i was here to establish 5 programs for the unified school district that was passed in 2010, i remember how spider to the youth engagement it was a learning night to demonstrate the need to learn about the legacies of their own community and the struggles we face this multi dimensional world despite in program for one of the most diverse four years after the resolution we proved those nay
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sires wrong indicating that at risk students are improving in less unexcused absence and encouraging people to college from the stuart and expected as part of the a there g requirement with the trying times we have an opportunity to create an learning environment especially to the marginalized annuity u community this is how we build a deeper commitment i urge the brvngs to make ethnics studies a part of all high schools i hope it passes with unanimous support thank you for your consideration supervisor yee. >> this letter comes from
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supervisor jane kim who was a co-sponsor with myself to first start the pilot program for ethnic studies dear president fewer i'm writing to express my support for ethnic studies in high schools as president of the board of education i established a ethnic studies as a study in the san francisco unified school district with a broad coalition have teachers and community-based administrators we began that work with intent to establish a there g qualified option and hallway ever our schools to be expanded it's time 90 percent of our students of color deserve that san francisco is a the first place to include voices of color 45 years ago we laufshd the longest strike leading to the introduction of the department in the country
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and ethnic studies is a standard of university i'm a product of this movement i'm one of the first asian-american study majors at stoovrd university it is important for all levels of education san francisco has a longs education of african-american stories struggled with cluchltd yet many of our students didn't learn race and gender continues show cased in the last few week we must build in the classroom to develop nor knowledgeable students i strongly support ♪ the san francisco unified school district several supervisor jane kim thank you very much i'll be brief i want to acknowledge i'm honored to have to be the author
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and see this through my times on the board but i want to recognize a few people and those of the ethnic teachers some are hear and just called me pete hammer if you're lymph nodes pete i remember him asking me to coffee and i was met about ethnics studies teachers saying we want to teach this and it's time we started it build a coalition i'm the merger quite frankly there's the ones doing the work and they're the ones you're seeing the results of their teaching from any want to thank staff for your a expertise in expanding this to every high school in san francisco and
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thank you to the superintendent and gerrero and bill and our superintendent who not only worked with the board on this but actually really buildings it and that's a very rare thing that the board and the superintendent buildings deeply in the same thing and in closing, i want to say that it would take all of us to make us accountable we look to you the future leaders of this country to learn what you've learned to make that world a more peaceful place i want to add one amendment to this resolution from the request of a contingent member and ms. casco has the wording for my colleagues to consider adding under the whereas the wording i want to add is it is the goal of ethnic
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studies curriculum to meet the requirement of the california department of education standards for evaluating structural materials for social content if anyone massachusetts has any questions about that i believe that ms. santos is in the audience but mainly a formality if any comments seeing none, we'll adapt that by general consensus >> no thank you very much so once again this is a community win when we win and i want it thank everyone for coming out here and supporting today and for you who are young and for children that you have one day tell them about that
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we're ready for a vote amend by substitute ms. sonata and oh, she at here name do you want to add your name student delegates. >> ms. son at mr. chin mr. haney ms. maufass as asked me to please vote yes and ms. mendoza-mcdonnell pardon me. >> yes. >> dr. murase. >> ms. norton and minnesota and president fewer that's unanimous.
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>> (clapping.) okay. >> yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. >> congratulations. >> thank you arrest all right. yes unit thank you claps go go okay. thank you very much and now we're back to our meeting we're going to take a 10 minute recess and thank you, very much. for taking that item out of order this evening we're at the student delegates report. >> student delegate.
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>> thank you, president fewer good evening brvng before i begin i want to thank commissioner for being a great mentor and also encouraging me to speak out when public comment without further ado we have our task force meeting the legal and bucket committee our next meeting this thursday december 11th that deputy superintendent lee next, we have the sfusd food and fitness committee the health committee paraded as a student voice for all our next meeting will be wednesday december 10th at 3:00 p.m. and for the peace the s ac c participated as well as
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at student meeting but they're meeting will be tomorrow anothers 6:00 p.m. >> so vision 2025 students feedback input they participated in the 2025 stakeholder session with steve koffman they provided the feedback for the committee next meeting is january 12th at 5:15 p.m. everyone is welcome to attend our mediating dinner at 5:00 p.m. if you want to attend or make a presentation or have a copy of the upcoming agenda prelim contact our coordinator and before i finish my report i
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want to say it's been so nice meeting you you were so welcoming to me and we'll miss you all we'll miss you thank you. >> thank you very much and now this is item e the search-and-seizure if no objection i'd like to take up the special order appointment of 6 members to the parent advisory committee may we have a second and motion the four regular members and two regular from 2015- 2016 not through 17 as written in the agenda the members are esmeralda and michelle, thank you and mary supple and rodriguez and joanne in and delacruz and kari bank
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and william chang as you an additional. >> so move forward georgia you want to introduce those present and the members present great and speak to this item. >> and thank you for your patience i know we took that long item out of order. >> good evening superintendent and community at large i'll take a moment before i give the
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report those are four of our 6 nominees before the board at no time. >> good evening superintendent carranza and incarnations and the communities that are still here i'm ms. de la cruz a parent at betsy carmichael two children enrolled there i'm a very reactive member of the pta as well thank you >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good evening after all you ami and have two children one of
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them third grade and one in kindergarten they attend the valley. >> good evening superintendent and president fewer and commissioners i'm caesary banks two students i have a daughter in 6th grade and ethnic grader at gateway thank you. >> hello good evening. i'm he esmeralda micro i have a son at the elementary school and active parent in the community in the school and i'm a busy parent. >> thank you very much for your patience georgia you want to say anything. >> first, i wanted to take a moment to say thank you commissioner maufas for your years of service on the board and for the support and more
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importantly thank you for your groundbreaking work as one of the original pack members with the structure; right? the portfolios and the by laws for the nitty-gritty work and i i really want to say thank you on behalf of the pack members it's appropriate that tonight is the night hoping to have new members he really want to make sure we are maintaining the diversities no one in ethnicity but the special needs and languages and the connecticut come insurance so to bring that debt both the new voices we're excited to have those four members and the two members were not able to make it still with the new board members coming on we have communities
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that are underrepresented on our board we holy the asian pacific islander families and asian families we will have a seat open we'll take into account during a spring recruitment and our chair is terminating out so keep in mind so really at this point we want those members appoint it's crucial for our spblt as an advisory for year to year to make sure we have them members to pick up the flow and make sure as our work carries on as people term out to make sure we can move forward and gave me people in the decision making in the decision policies. >> thank you very much i see no


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